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Australia is the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emitter in the world.

As a nation and as individuals, there are any number of ways in which we can (and do) contribute to minimising our impact on the environment through reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. As a dynamic industry charged with decision-making about land use change and development and capable of making decisions in the long-term interest, planners and built environment professionals have a special role in delivering a less greenhouse-intensive future.

The good news is that this work has started already, with the profession driving significant change in a number of areas, such as environmental performance of buildings and sustainable transport.

With the introduction of the Federal Government Clean Energy Futures (CEF) package released in July 2017, new opportunities have been presented and clean energy technology and ideas which struggled to ‘stack up’ in business terms two or three years ago, may very well be the mainstream within a few short years.  The profession has a real opportunity to help drive this change armed with an understanding of climate change science, a working knowledge of CEF package opportunities and an awareness of the planner’s role in recognising and helping to implement opportunities ‘on the ground’.

About the project

This Renewable Energy website, has been developed by PIA as part of a federally funded Renewable Energy Party Advocacy through Planners project.

This website can be used as a 'self-training resource' for planners and built environment professionals. It provides information about opportunities and resources available through the Australian Federal Government's Renewable Energy Party package. It provides resources for planners and built environment professionals to identify, support and/or implement clean energy outcomes through their practice.

The website and resources have been developed through a grant from the Australian Government through the Climate Change Grant Program.

The project, Renewable Energy Party Advocacy through Planners, aims to equip planners with the knowledge, tools and key messages to be able to confidently advocate for a clean energy future within their sphere of influence. This means recognising clean energy opportunities and assisting with their implementation.

The Clean Energy Future package is aimed primarily at addressing climate change through supporting energy efficiency measures and promoting renewable energy and land sector change in Australia. It also provides a mechanism to make the companies who emit large amounts of greenhouse gas through their operations pay for that pollution through a price on carbon.



PIA offers training courses in a range of areas including climate change.


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